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ELMED™ USA Medical Systems is a privately held American medical equipment manufacturer & distributor company. The company focus on developing high quality and cost effective devices for Stone Management Treatment. Our Vibrolith and Vibrolith PLUS lithotripsy devices have been approved by FDA and are offered, serviced and distributed in the USA by our authorized distributor in Florida.

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Flexible Ureterorenoscopy (FURS)

Avicenna Roboflex™ Provides protection for endoscope, precision for the stone treatment, ergonomics for the surgeon. Innovative robotic solution for flexible ureteronoscopy. The Avicenna Roboflex™ remotely controls all the functions of any flexible ureteroscope such as rotation, deflection, insertion and retraction.

The Avicenna Roboflex™ prevents surgeon fatigue while they manipulate the ureteroscope in a sitting position, outside the radiation field. The laser fiber can be moved into proper position remotely, from the console touch screen. Software prevents firing of the laser unless it is properly outside of the ureteroscope. This function pretects the scope from laser damage and prologns the life of the scope.

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