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Why does it matter that a foreign government is accusing Axel Lopez?

According to the U.S. State Department’s Honduras 2020 Human Rights Report, the judicial system in Honduras is “poorly funded and staffed, inadequately equipped, often ineffective, and subject to intimidation, corruption, politicization, and patronage” and that “credible observers noted problems in trial procedures, such as a lack of admissible evidence, judicial corruption, widespread public distrust of the legal system.” If sent to Honduras, Axel, an American citizen, would be subject to a prison system described as “harsh and sometimes life-threatening,” with prisoners suffering from “overcrowding, insufficient access to food and water, violence, and alleged abuse by prison officials.” This year, bills have been filed in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to “suspend certain United States assistance for the Government of Honduras until corruption, impunity, and human rights violations are no longer systemic.”

How does this end for Axel Lopez?

Unfortunately, because of the misinformation news coverage in Honduras, Lopez’ entire career is in jeopardy. His corporations’ bank accounts have been frozen in the United States and his American travel global entry has been revoked – without being charged or accused in the Unites States of any crime. And, again, all of this without being given due process and the ability to defend himself in a United States court. 

Still, Axel’s main goal is what it always has been, to help the people of Latin America. By providing these hospitals into needed rural areas, he knows he can provide help to millions of people once his country – the United States of America – stands behind its citizen and prevents an injustice from occurring to Axel from the government of Honduras.

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