Axel’s Businesses

A service disabled - veteran owned business

How did Axel Lopez become successful?

Very early in the growth of Central Florida, Axel worked an international trade show at the Orange County Convention Center for Medstone International, the company he was working for at the time. Axel was one of the few people working the trade show who, as an American citizen, was fluent in English and Spanish and was utilized by many companies at the show just to translate. It was then he realized he had the ability to connect Latin American customers with manufacturing companies around the world.

How did Axel Lopez become connected with Turkey?

At that convention in 1996 one of the companies he met, Elmed, was based in Turkey. He later met Vertisa while in Turkey. Shortly after that convention, he signed an agreement to be each company’s exclusive distributor in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, incorporating his companies in 1998. Axel Lopez continues those relationships to this day. 

Why was Axel Lopez successful in Latin America?

For 25 years, Axel has worked in nearly every country in Latin America. He understands the market and the unique nuances that come with working in these countries. One of his key principles of doing business in Latin America was to work with a local company or person who was the face of any sale. With these arrangements, Axel was truly able to connect all aspects of the delivery of any medical equipment project. 

What is the relationship of Axel,, Vertisa and Elmed?

Axel’s company is most commonly referred to as Hospitales Moviles. That is actually just a brand of Vertisa Corporation, the name of Axel’s company incorporated in Florida, which was formerly known as Elmed Medical Systems. Both Elmed and Vertisa have separate companies in Turkey, of which Vertisa Corporation is the exclusive agent for in the United States, Latin America and the Carribbean. 

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