Who is Axel Lopez

Who is
Axel Lopez?

Axel Lopez is the owner Vertisa Corporation, a Florida-based company. He is also:

  • An American citizen.
  • A resident of Orlando for 33 years.
  • A father of two adult children.
  • A husband to Evana for 35 years.
  • A service-disabled U.S. Navy veteran, serving in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.
  • A member of Holy Cross Catholic Church.
  • A volunteer soccer/football coach.
  • A published author

In business, Axel has created a 25-year career providing medical projects solutions to healthcare companies and governments throughout Latin America, in addition to marketing and international consulting endeavors.

During his career, he has been responsible for hundreds of transactions, having been hired by American, European and Middle East companies to represent them at international trade shows, exhibits and negotiations, as well as taking part in Florida Foreign Trade Missions to various countries in Latin American.

How did Axel Lopez end up in Florida?

Axel’s story is like many people who arrived in Central Florida at that time. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1987, becoming a hospital corpsman. He traveled the world, mostly centered on the Pacific theater. 

In 1989, Axel was ordered to report to Orlando’s Naval Training Center. He packed up his young family from San Diego and spent two weeks on a cross-country trip. Upon arriving, he was immediately shipped out to Desert Storm. After the conflict ended, he left the Navy but stayed in Central Florida, raising his family near the Orlando International Airport.

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