Honduras Hospitals

How did Axel Lopez become connected to the Honduras government?

Google! Axel’s company owns the website HospitalesMoviles.com and, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Honduras government was looking for mobile hospitals. Invest-H said they found Axel’s American company through a Google search, called him and he closed the deal over the phone to purchase first two mobile hospitals. Then a couple of weeks later he received another order for five more hospitals to serve the country of Honduras for a combined total of $47 million.

What is the difference between other negotiations and the one with Honduras?

Unlike other agreements, Axel dealt and worked directly with Invest-H, a government entity primarily responsible for managing road projects, rather than working with local companies that served as intermediaries. This put Axel in the crosshairs of some people who have long worked with the Government of Honduras on projects to supply goods and services. The result was a campaign by the Honduran press and social networks, which, according to the U.S. State Department, are owned by a “small number of powerful business magnates with intersecting commercial, political, and family ties”, to discredit Axel’s project. At first, the incorrect claim was the mobile hospitals did not exist. Once they arrived, the story changed to claiming incorrectly the containers arrived empty in Honduras. Then, when that was proven false, the story incorrectly claimed the equipment was severely damaged, used and useless.

Was any of this true?

Almost nothing reported in the media and social media is true. However, Axel Lopez was not in Honduras to defend himself or the project and the Honduran media made virtually no contact with Axel. It is important to note the order for hospitals was made at the beginning of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, when almost all medical and hospital supplies were a scarce resource difficult to acquire. As such, the delivery of the mobile hospitals saw a slight delay, as expected at a time when the world was paralyzed by the pandemic. Axel worked hard to meet the requirements of Invest H’s purchase order. For example, dual-use ventilators were supplied after the FDA approved their use in the treatment of Covid-19. In fact, all the medical and accessory equipment listed on the shipping document was provided and each of the hospitals was delivered fully equipped and in operational condition. 

Now that they are in Honduras, Invest-H and the Honduran government publicly said repeatedly the seven mobile hospitals are “state-of-the-art projects.” It is strange how media outlets in Honduras continue to provide opinions that the mobile hospitals are not operable and calling them “junk,” but have broadcast photos and videos of government officials touring the hospitals showing the “cutting-edge technology” with which they were built.

Are all the hospitals operating today?

Because of the media coverage and the call by the Honduras Public Ministry to investigate irregularities of Invest-H and others, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Honduras ordered the retention of the hospital modules until an inventory of the equipment was carried out. This resulted in a delay of approximately one month while the mobile hospitals sat in customs at Puerto Cortés.  Once through customs, the Government of Honduras was expected to provide transportation and installation services for the modules, but it was not prepared. For instance, there was no electricity in some places where the modules would be installed. Additionally, one of the modules was damaged while being transported on the road to Juticalpa, Olancho in an unfortunate accident involving the truck that was transporting it. Meanwhile, Honduras was hit by two major hurricanes or tropical storms (ETA and IOTA) and many of the medical supplies disappeared even though they were shown to have arrived. 

None of this is attributable to Axel Lopez. In fact, to help install the hospitals, Axel hired a local contractor. This wasn’t part of the deal, but Axel wanted to make sure the hospitals served their purpose. Currently, five of the seven hospitals are in operation while waiting for resources, utilities and energy for the remaining two.

Is Axel Lopez still communicating with Honduras?

Axel continues to work with Invest H to open the hospitals delivered. Axel has always maintained a line of communication between Invest H staff and himself and the technical and engineering teams.  In fact, Axel has daily communication from the team in Honduras installing the hospitals. Axel believes any and all matters brought up during the ongoing installation process have been addressed.

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